Sunday, November 29, 2009

No Pictures.....

The wireless isn't working, so I can't upload photos....but here is a quick peek at our day today.

Went to church back in Port Au Prince (about a 2 hour drive).

Ate lunch.

Headed back towards Cazale and went up the mountains to see the land that the new Rescue Center and Clinic will hopefully be on.

Zach asked us if we wanted to go farther up the mountain to see a Fort that the Haitians built to fight against the French (would love to research this more when we return.) This was WAY up the mountain. WAY up. Scary up. But fun!

Came back to the Rescue Center after dark.

Filed files for the clinic.

Currently mashing and squishing packets of Medika Mamba so it can mixed up for the 30 kids that are on it.

Full, wonderful, and busy day. Haiti is a beautiful country, especially the mountains.

Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures tomorrow. Aurevwa.

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  1. So glad that you arrived safely and that you were able to worship in Port Au Prince yesterday. Continuing to pray for everyone that God works in you and through you!