Monday, November 30, 2009

Loving Haiti

I'm definitely falling in love with Haiti. Not that I didn't think I would...but it's officially happening. The kids are amazing and as difficult as it is to see the ones who are so malnourished and suffering, this is a place of joy and you can feel it everywhere. I think EVERYONE should experience this. Yes, I mean everyone. You will be forever different.

We played with the parachute this afternoon which was really fun. The kids liked being underneath it mostly. Even Licia ran under with a little cutie who can't walk right now. Lots of smiles and giggles which was great. I have a lot more pictures, but I'm sure I'll be able to catch up more once I'm home.

We went for a walk outside the gates of the RC and Clinic through Cazale. Again, SO many pictures and things to write about....but here are just a few. A few of the kids from the RC rode along. The two on the right are in the process of being adopted and the little guy on the left just came to the RC. All are adorable and super sweet.

I love the toys and games the children have created. So creative.

These twins were born Friday night in a one room house with no electricity. The first baby was born and then the second one was feet first and wouldn't come out. All the ladies around her house gathered to be with her and pray and her second daughter was born safely. Their Mom was beeming and they were so cute!

This little guy has me totally smitten. He has severe Kashiorkor (can you see how swollen his feet are?) and he is still trying to play and smile and even kick a soccer ball. I'm amazed he can even walk, and at times you can see how much pain he is in....but he has such a joyful spirit.

Here is at dinner with his Medika Mamba....looking a bit tired.

One of the teeny tiny babies. Her legs are SO little.

If you can imagine the size of a bumbo chair, you can imagine how tiny this little one is.

Can you see the skin on this girl's back, how it's cracking?
Looks so painful. :(

This picture will be my constant reminder to never complain when I carry heavy loads of laundry up my stairs. That is amazing!

Goodnight from the beautiful country of Haiti!


  1. Praying for you and your group and your trip! It looks like an amazing place and people!

    Kelli Holthe

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