Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cuteness and more...

We got up really early this morning to see the line of people that had been waiting, some since yesterday afternoon, to get into clinic today. Some people walk 8 hours or more to get here. Many sleep outside to save their spot in line. Last night we saw people making beds out of cardboard and garbage to sleep on outside the gate. Lots of people had babies and young children with them. I hope this would make anyone never complain about having to wait at the doctor's office or about our healthcare in general. I'm pretty sure NO ONE in America has ever walked 8 hours and then slept outside the doctor's office to make sure they could get help!

Everyone gets a number so they know when their appointment is and then the clinic nurses work all day long to make sure everyone is seen. I actually got to assist in some pretty interesting medical things today. I'll post more about that later.

Can't remember his name, but come on???? How can you resist that face??? If you come experience Haiti at the Rescue center, THIS is the cuteness you have to look forward to.

This is Nickenson. He stays with Licia's sons' homeschool teacher so he can gain weight and get meds because he is HIV positive. He's almost a year old. Everyone was excited because he gained 4 ounces this week. Every little bit counts.

Fritz is new in the clinic (10 years old) and is severely malnourished and had 3 sibling that passed away. He has an awesome quirky sense of humor and has been fun to get to know. He came on a long walk with us through Cazale tonight.

I've posted this guys photo in the posts before this, but I wanted to show what severe kwashiorkor looks like. His has actually improved in the last 2 days, but his legs and feet are so swollen and his skin is starting to break down. He's sitting on my lap in this picture and he always wants one of us to hold him. He just melts into you and it's SO hard to put him down. He's about the size of a 2 year old, but his parents said he's six. His vocabulary is like a six year old, but he's so tiny it's hard to believe. I'm guessing the malnutrition has just stunted his growth that bad. When he's not in severe pain from the swelling (then he quietly wimpers and it breaks your heart) he has the biggest smile and wants to play SO bad. He's the little guy in the post before that was playing soccer. So stinkin' cute!

Deny, who's portrait we did for Artist For Hope, and some more cute kids.

This is Johnny. Pronounced John-EE in Creole.

This little guy has the same personality and cheeks as my youngest daughter. I miss her, so I've been loving on this cutie instead. Most of the time there are about 3 or more kids trying to get you to pick them up or climb in your lap. It really doesn't get much better than that. I'm so thankful for the Rescue Center and all they do for these kids!

Mamba time!

We went to market today. This is the meat counter.
Just like Hyvee, aye? ;)

Lots of kids eating dinner. Some of the kids are still wearing their pipe cleaner creations we made yesterday. :) The green bowls are ones we brought down in the crates.

This little guy was admitted into the Rescue Center today. He's in the beginning stage of kwashiorkor and was running a high fever. We watched the process of how he was admitted into the RC and talked about what would happen next.

This little girl, Elna, is one we've been snuggling with the past several days and she was able to go home today. She was SO happy with her Mommy and a new baby doll.

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