Sunday, September 12, 2010

Backpacks, School Sponsorship, and Shoes!

I had so many wonderful friends that donated backpacks to kids in the School Sponsorship Program through RHFH in Cazale. I also had people I haven't even ever met donate and some even donated money so we could purchase the rest of the backpacks and some shoes for kids who still needed them so they could go to school this year. All of your generosity made such a huge difference in the lives of these kids and I was able to get some pictures of a lot of the kids getting their backpacks and shoes while in Haiti last week. So fun!

The kids all had to bring in their report cards to make sure they are passing their classes and can continue in the School Sponsorship program. 10 is the highest score they can get in each class.

Licia's husband, Enoch, is in charge of the program and each child has to come to meet with him to check grades and then to make sure they have all the things they need to start school.

Many people donated school supplies to help the children and Enoch collected all the things each child needs and then put them into their new backpack. Some children chose their backpacks and others had theirs chosen for them. They all were thrilled! :)

SO many great backpacks were donated!

The girls loved the pink ones.

This is one of the backpacks that was purchased in Haiti thanks to money that was donated.

The girls are required to have black shoes or tennis shoes for school. This is often an expense that families just can't afford. The money that was donated allowed these children to be able to go to school again this year.

These smaller backpacks were also purchased in Haiti with the money that was donated and are for the younger kindergarten students. Aren't they cute?

I was surprised how many older boys are still in younger grades.

A lot of the boys haven't had the opportunity to go to school until now. Because of the School Sponsorship Program, they are in school and even though they might only be in 4th or 5th grade right now, they have so many possibilities for their future because they are getting an education. Who knows what these boys might become someday???

So much hope.

So much happiness.

So many possibilities.

All because they were given the gift of an education.

Education will hopefully put an end to the cycle of poverty in many of these children's lives.

Someday they will have the knowledge and skills to have a job that will provide for their own families.

They might become the doctors, nurses, teachers, and business owners that will help their community to grow and become all that it can be.

They will be future leaders.

Future parents.

The future of their country.

Thank you for helping them!
I wish you all could have seen their smiling faces. It's not as common in Haiti to smile in pictures. They think it's kind of funny to show your teeth in photos...but I can guarantee you that they were so happy to have their new school items to start a new year and there were many smiles.

There are still some children that do not have sponsors. Sadly, if they don't get a sponsor they won't be able to go to school next year. It costs $250 to cover all the costs for school for the entire year. Can you help one of these children get the education they so desperately need? You can contact Licia at if you can. You will even get a few updates about your student throughout the year. You could make a true difference in the future of a child.
How amazing is that???

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