Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why I Love Cazale

I'm home from a wonderful week in Cazale. I'll be posting more soon after I get settled back in with my family, but here is a brief overview of our busy week...

*Met with many local artisans and interviewed and photographed them so I can share their stories. I'm continuously in awe of the Haitian people and their strength and resilience. I'm excited to be able to share more about them.

*Taught a photography class to
a fun and eager group.

*Worked with some women on jewelry and scarves
that we will have available for sale soon.

*Taught a paralyzed man from Cazale how to paint and was SO thrilled to watch his creativity bloom and see his amazing ideas of how to show the beauty of his country.

*When I wasn't busy with AFH things I was able to help pass out donated backpacks to kids in the community, play chemist a bit in the clinic, and care for an adorable 4 pound 6 month old baby who is struggling for his little life. Cazale is a place with so much poverty but also so much beauty, hope, and possibility.

*I wish everyone could see the love and dedication of the staff at RHFH and the insane amount of work they put into saving children in the Rescue Center and people in the medical clinic. They also do SO much to make life better for people in the mountains of Haiti. I honestly don't know how they do all that they do day after day. Amazing.

*I took a LOT of photos. A lot.
So for now~ here are a few of the reasons
why I love Cazale...

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  1. MY GIRL!! I love seeing these new pictures of Marlene...oh man it makes me so happy :) Amonise is finally looking a little chubbier! Praise the Lord! So excited to see more pictures soon :)