Thursday, September 2, 2010

Haiti Here I Come

This is where I will be posting at next week from Haiti.
I can't even wait to get to the beautiful kids in the Rescue Center and hug and kiss and hold them. I'll be too busy to do this a lot....but believe me, I will give up sleep to spend time with those kids. :)

The week will be spent working with the artisans in Cazale, spending time with the women we taught classes to in April and working on new ideas with them, and teaching a photography class to people who work in the Rescue Center and Clinic. I'm SO excited about the possibilities of the new art co-op in Cazale and what it could mean for people who are trying to provide for their families. We will also be exploring some other possibilities that currently are just dreams. Trying to dream BIG! :)

Your prayers for health, safety, and enormous amounts of energy so that everything can get done in a short amount of time are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Praying for you! Stay healthy, stay energized and stay encouraged and keeping dreaming big. God uses you in amazing ways dear friend and He will bless your dreams!